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No catering company in Sydney does catering quite like Qadisha.

We don’t claim to be the best catering company in Sydney. Who could honestly claim that? But we are the only catering company in Sydney to do what we do. We will NOT compromise on flavour. Never. It’s everything we stand for. That’s a fact. Quality food from the heart of Lebanese tradition.

"Qadisha catering brings to you a cuisine of great antiquity."

In the village they harvest the produce in the morning. Through the afternoon and early evening the women prepare the flat-bread dough and rise it by the fire. There is banter, laughter, wood-smoke and freshly picked herbs - all rolled in vine leaves stuffed with rice and mint and lamb. Somehow, you taste it all. With Qadisha, you taste it every time. Try us, or you will never truly know the magnificence of Lebanese cuisine.

"From Corporate Catering to intimate friends and family feasts."

Choose a menu to suit:

Corporate functions

- “a simply remarkable array of dishes...a stunning food experience... never tasted anything like it...”

Fine Dining

- “warm, rich, authentic flavours...the food of kings...superb presentation...pure contemporary chic..”

Staff parties, lunches and after-hours events

- “healthy food has no right to taste this good.”

Weddings, Private Functions, fully-serviced sit-down meals

- “you really haven’t eaten Lebanese until you've tried Qadisha ...”

Finger food at the launch, or lunch for a team on the go

- “..amazing... so-o-o good...we’ll certainly do this again”

Whatever your event or celebration, for 10 guests or 10,000- it’s all one. You won’t be disappointed. No-one in Sydney does catering quite like Qadisha.

Qadisha - traditional Lebanese catering; the experience of many lifetimes.

The call upon our services has never been so hectic. It you’ve got an event coming up
in the next 12-18 months, please book now. We hate to disappoint.

You can contact us right now by phone

Phone - 02 9785 7347
Mobile - 0410 102 237

Alternatively you can send your enquiry using our Catering Enquiry form
or email us on our General Contact form.

Gold Licence Accredited

savour award