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You really haven’t eaten Lebanese food, until you’ve tried Qadisha.

In the beginning was Qadisha, the sacred valley of northern Lebanon. Since the dawn of recorded time, these sheer valley walls and rugged gorge have given refuge to those seeking what is pure, simple yet filled with the flavour of life itself. Such is Qadisha, the taste of something quite unique.

No catering company in Sydney does catering quite like Qadisha.

Our business, like our cuisine, is family. We trace back to a little village looking out across the Qadisha valley. There is a woman labouring beneath a pitcher of water. In a little stone-walled kitchen she places her burden down. The year is 1967. My young mother already has two children, and three more will come. Then there are the struggling neighbour’s children to feed. “Work hard. Eat well. Share what you have.” That’s the Lebanese way.

Qadisha - traditional Lebanese catering; the experience of many lifetimes.

The spices and the herbs and the dishes have stayed the same, passed down from mother to daughter across countless generations. Mum often says back home the meat was still warm when she bought it; and whatever was needed from the gardens she would harvest herself. And that insistence on freshness hasn't changed one bit. Thank God, Mum is with us still, running the kitchen and still telling her “children” what to do. Of course we complain. Why wouldn’t we? Twenty-something years’ experience makes us expert in our own right. But at the end of the day, we’re family, and that’s everything.

Qadisha - quality food from the heart of Lebanese tradition

A few years back we were catering in Sydney for a Lebanese pre-wedding. During the night a male guest burst into the kitchen shouting and waving his arms, repeating: “Where is the cook? Show me the cook?” When he saw Mum standing there in her apron, he went over and kissed her once on the forehead. This, he said, was the best kebbe nay (a dish made from raw lamb-mince) he had tasted in his life. It was, he announced solemnly, with one hand on his heart: “The King of kebbe nay”. And what makes this story truly worth repeating is the fact that the man was a native of Zahle, a village with the reputation for making the best kebbe nay in all Lebanon.

We could tell you many stories... our Samky Harah (grilled whole fish in a chilli tahini sauce) is a dish we ourselves love, probably even more than the kebbe... but at the end of the day, what’s the point? You just have to try it for yourself. Even if it’s only once. That way at least, you can honestly say you've tasted the very best that Lebanese cuisine can offer.

No catering company in Sydney does catering quite like Qadisha.

Our team –and the majority are family! – consists of highly experienced, fully certified Food Safety Supervisors, RSA qualified drink wait staff, chefs and event managers. We cater for any occasion, from Corporate Functions and Fine Dining, to Weddings, parties for significant birthdays, lunches, launches, wherever people are gathered and food is required.

Qadisha Catering - catering in Sydney, unlike any other.
You really haven’t eaten Lebanese food until you’ve eaten ours.
Try it once, just so you know.

The call upon our services has never been so hectic. It you’ve got an event coming up
in the next 12-18 months, please book now. We hate to disappoint.

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